May 2017
Canterbury City Police (Updated)
Doncaster Borough Police (Updated)
Liverpool City Police (Updated)
Mersey Tunnel Police
Ross and Cromartyshire Constabulary(Updated)
April 2017
Bolton Borough Police
Bolton Borough Police (Updated)
British Railways Police
Canterbury Cathedral Wardens (Updated)
Chester Cathedral Constables (Updated)
Civil Nuclear Constabulary
East Sussex Constabulary (Updated)
Essex Constabulary
Glossop Borough Police
Greater Manchester Police
Hereford Cathedral Constables
Hull City Police (Updated)
Lichfield Cathedral Close Constable
Metropolitan Police (Updated)
Monmouthshire Constabulary
Portsmouth City Police (Updated)
Salisbury Cathedral Constables (Updated)
Scarborough Borough Police
Southport Borough Police
UKAEA Constabulary (Updated)
West Riding Constabulary (Updated)
Wigan Borough Police
Wigan Borough Police (Updated)
York Minster Police (Updated)
March 2017
Bedfordshire Constabulary (Updated)
Bedfordshire Police (Updated)
Birmingham Airport Police
Birmingham Parks Police
Boston Borough Police (Updated)
British Transport Police (Updated)
Denbighshire Constabulary (Updated)
Doncaster Borough Police
Durham County Constabulary (Updated)
Eastbourne Borough Police
Epping Forest Keepers
Exeter City Police (Updated)
Falmouth Docks Police
Leominster Borough Police
Liverpool Airport Police (Updated)
London and North Eastern Railway Police
Manchester Airport Police
Ministry of Defence Police
North Eastern Railway Police (Updated)
North Riding Constabulary (Updated)
Rolls Royce Factory (Updated)
Salford City Police (Updated)
Stalybridge Borough Police
Taff Vale Railway Police (Updated)
Tees and Hartlepool Harbour Police
UKAEA Constabulary
Zetland County Police
February 2017
Abingdon Borough Police
Aberdeen City Police (Updated)
Alexandra Dock and Railway Police
Bath City Police
Blackburn County Borough Police
Brighton Parks Police
Cambridge University Police (Updated)
Central Motorway Police Group
Devon and Cornwall Constabulary (Updated)
Exeter City Police (Updated (1))
Exeter City Police (Updated (2))
Great Western Railway Police
Hertfordshire Constabulary (Updated)
Humberside Police
Isle of Man Constabulary (Updated)
Liverpool City Police (Updated (1)
Liverpool City Police (Updated (2)
Lincolnshire Constabulary (Updated)
Linlithgowshire Constabulary (Updated)
Metropolitan Police (Updated)
Port of Bristol Police
Port of London Authority Police (Updated)
Portsmouth City Police
Royal Leamington Spa Police
Sharpness Docks Police
West Lothian Police (Updated)
Worcester City Police
York and North East Yorkshire Police
January 2017
Central Scotland Police
Cleveland Constabulary
Dorset Police
Dyfed-Powys Police
Gloucestershire Constabulary (Updated)
Guernsey Police
Hampshire Constabulary (Updated)
Inverness(shire) Constabulary
Kew Constabulary
Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Police
Liverpool City Police (Updated)
Middlesbrough Borough Police
Northern Constabulary
Swansea Borough Police
Watford Borough Police
West Midlands Police (Updated)
December 2016
Aberdeen City Police (Updated)
Bradford City Police (Updated (3))
Broughty Ferry Burgh Police
Caernarvonshire Constabulary
Canterbury City Police (Updated)
Congleton Borough Police
Denbighshire Constabulary (Updated)
Elgin Burgh Police
Forfarshire Constabulary
Govan Burgh Police
Haverfordwest Borough Police
Inverness Burgh Police
Partick Burgh Police
Rolls Royce Factory
Westmorland Constabulary

November 2016
Elginshire Constabulary
Exeter City Police
Fife(shire) County Constabulary
Hull and Barnsley Railway Police
Leicester City Police (Updated)
Linlithgowshire Constabulary
Merthyr Tydfil Borough Police
Metropolitan Police (Updated)
Northampton Borough Police
North Yorkshire Police (Updated)
Taff Vale Railway Police
West Lothian Police
West Yorkshire Police (Updated)

October 2016
Aberdeen City Police
Air Ministry Constabulary (Updated)
Barnstaple Borough Police
Barrow-in-Furness Borough
Durham City Police
HM Factory Gretna
Leicester Borough
Merseyside Police
Neath Borough
UK Football Policing Unit
West Midlands Police (Updated)
West Sussex Constabulary

September 2016
Bridgwater Borough Police
Brighton Borough Police (Updated)
Bristol Constabulary (Updated)
City of London Police (Updated)
East Suffolk Police (Updated)
Forfar Burgh Police
Gloucestershire Constabulary (Updated)
Hampshire Constabulary (Updated)
Hull City Police
Isle of Ely Constabulary (Updated)
Maidstone Borough Police
North Yorkshire Police (Updated)
Northumberland Constabulary (Updated)
South Shields Police
Swansea Borough Police
Tunbridge Wells Borough Police
West Midlands Police

August 2016
Aberdeenshire Constabulary
Bacup Borough Police
Bradford City Police (Updated (2))
Cardiganshire Constabulary
Carmarthenshire Constabulary
Grantham Borough Police (Updated)
Greenock Burgh Police
Hastings Borough Police (Updated)
Huddersfield Police
London County Council Parks Police
Manchester Ship Canal Police (Updated)
Metropolitan Police (Updated)
Port of London Authority Police
Preston Borough Police (Updated)
Salford City Police (Updated)
Salisbury City Police
Walsall Borough Police

July 2016
British Transport Police(Updated)
Cambridge Borough Police(Updated)
Canterbury Cathedral Wardens (Updated)
Cathedral Constables' Association
Chester Cathedral Constables (Updated)
Denbighshire Constabulary (Updated)
Dewsbury Borough Police
Garda Síochána
Gloucestershire Constabulary
Grantham Borough Police
Hyde Borough Police
Ipswich Borough Police
Liverpool Cathedral Constables (Updated)
Metropolitan Police (Updated)
North Riding Constabulary (Updated)
Republic of Ireland
Ryde Borough Police
York Minster Police

June 2016
Barlichway Hundred Police
Canterbury City Police (Updated)
City of London Police (Updated)
Dublin Metropolitan Police
Great Yarmouth Borough Police
Grimsby Borough Police
Hawick Burgh Police
Knightlow Hundred Police
Lincolnshire Constabulary
Luton Borough Police
North Eastern Railway Police
Oldham Borough Police (Updated)
Radnorshire Constabulary
Rochester City Police
Sheffield City Police
Tynemouth Borough Police
Warwickshire Constabulary
West Riding Constabulary
West Yorkshire Police (Updated)
York City Police

May 2016
Brecon Borough Police
Brighton Borough Police
Cambridge Borough Police (Updated)
Devon Constabulary (Updated)
Margate Borough Police (Updated)
East Sussex Constabulary
Hertfordshire Constabulary
Nottingham City Police
Penzance Borough Police (Updated)
Police Service Northern Ireland (Updated)
Preston Borough Police
River Tyne Police
Rochdale Borough Police
Southampton Police
Strathclyde Police
Thames Valley Police
Tiverton Borough Police

April 2016
Birmingham City Police (Updated)
Bradford City Police (Updated)
Clitheroe Borough Police
Cornwall Constabulary (Updated)
East Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary
Edinburgh City Police
Isle of Wight Police
Lancashire Constabulary (Updated)
Leicestershire and Rutland Constabulary
Northamptonshire Constabulary
Northumberland Constabulary
Ramsgate Borough Police (Updated)
Reading Borough Police
Royal Irish Constabulary (Updated)
Royal Ulster Constabulary (Updated)
Salford City Police

March 2016
Cambridgeshire Constabulary (Updated)
Durham County Constabulary
Peterborough City Police
Peterborough Combined Police
Peterborough Liberty
Reigate Borough Police
South Shields Police

February 2016
Birkenhead Borough Police
Bodmin Borough Police
Cambridge City (Borough) Police
Cheshire Constabulary
Cornwall Constabulary (Updated)
Derbyshire Constabulary
Ross and Cromartyshire Constabulary

January 2016
Dover Police Force
Dumbartonshire Constabulary
Folkestone Borough Police (Updated)
Kent County Constabulary (Updated with 300+ photographs)
Margate Borough Police
Tenterden Borough Police

December 2015
Bedfordshire Constabulary
Bedfordshire Police (Updated)
Boston Borough Police
Dorset Constabulary (Updated)
Folkestone Borough Police
Hampshire Constabulary
Kent County Constabulary (updated)
Johnstone Burgh Police
Louth Borough Police
North Riding Constabulary
Oxford City Police
Penzance Borough Police
St. Albans City Police