his photo shows the British Railways Police training school course, February 1949. It was sent by Wendy Hoxley. Wendy’s father, Herbert (Harry) Pink, is in the third row from the back, third from left, and was stationed mainly in Bury St Edmunds. He joined the LNER Police in 1945 after serving in the regular army in the Suffolk Regiment, spending some years in India, with war

service that included the Normandy landings 70 years ago. He retired from British Transport Police in January 1969 and died in 1997. Note the varying helmet plates of the officers in attendance and the makeshift "BR" cap badge of the staff.



British Railways Police Training School
Twentieth Course, February 1949

Fourth row: R E Kerr, J Redbond, D F R Lee, A S Bedford

Third row: T Todd, E M Haywood, D Mackay, C E Cadman, G Mead, J Dean, R Colby, A Topping

Second row: E Robinson, W Ritchie, H S Pink, G A James, V C Colbourne, R Smith, F W Bray, G F H Bennett, R J Stanley

First row: C J Blakemore, P S Morris, J H Carnell, A L Cooper, F G James, R W Chadwick, S Winfield, J J Brobane, G W Bannerman, F T Miller

Seated: W Watson, Sgt J W Charlton (instructor), Sgt H Wetherell (instructor), Chief Insp F Brewer (Dep Commandant), Mr G V Frankton (Commandant), Insp D J Workman (instructor), Sgt H Edwards (instructor), Sgt B Laflin (drill instructor), E Gaffney


Left detail of first photograph



Center detail of first photograph



Right detail of first photograph


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