n 1965 Buckinghamshire Constabulary introduced a lightweight summer uniform for its women officers. Amazingly, the basis of the uniform was first noticed in Marks and Spencer, Aylesbury by WPC 13 Angela Sherwood who suggested to Inspector Danby that this would be ideal for summer use for women officers. The dresses already had epaulettes so the only change necessary was to add the

force buttons, which was carried out by the force tailor. As the dresses only had small pockets the WPCs were supplied with large handbags to carry their equipment. Eventually Marks and Spencer ran out of supplies and the uniform was discontinued by the time of the amalgamation in 1968.


At that time the ladies of the force were not integrated into everyday police work, but had their own Women's Police Department and were expected to deal with such things as 'Women and Children' and 'Sexual Offences'. Our thanks go to Mick Shaw for providing the photographs of the unusual summer uniform. Buckinghamshire Constabulary was established 6 February 1857 and on 1 April 1968 became part of Thames Valley Constabulary.



Back Row: WPC 9 Beryl Dickens, WPC Jo Walsh, WPC 12 Maxine Almond, twins Jackie (WPC 15) & Veronica (WPC 23) Burrows, WPC17 Mary Thompson, WPC 13 Angela Sherwood, WPC 24 Janet Warner, WPC 6 Christine Barnicott, WPC 10 Angie Town, Unknown

Front Row: WPC 3 Moira Gall, WPC 2 Mamie Hay, Woman Inspector Mary Danby, ACC George Wilkinson , CC Brigadier John Cheney, WPS 4 Sheila Gray, WPS 16 Sonia Hatchet, WPC 19 Amy Port, WPC 8 Doreen Baker.




WPS 4 Sheila Gray, 1965



WPC 9 Beryl Dickens, 1965



WPC 26 Valerie Smith, 1966

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