n December 2011, Chester Cathedral appointed a head constable to lead a new team of volunteer constables to maintain security, and to keep good order within the Cathedral and its precincts. The new appointee Chris Jones, in addition to becoming head constable, keeps his duties as Dean and Chapter Secretary. Chester Cathedral is one of only two Cathedrals in England to employ Cathedral

Constables, the other being Liverpools' Anglican Cathedral (as of 29th July, 1015).


Chris Jones, Head Constable



In December 2015, Chris and Constable Sam Jones joined members of Cheshire Police Special Constabulary for their initial training programme. Although Chris and Sam will not become specials themselves (being members of a private constabulary they are not permitted to become special constables), joining the training programme was seen as a constructive way of developing a close working relationship between the local police and the cathedral's own officers. It also gives Chris and Sam a knowledge and understanding of Cheshire Police's procedures and systems should they need to follow them after making an arrest.



Above: Chester Cathedral Constables join Cheshire Police Special Constabulary officers for training


Chester Cathedral Attestation



Consistory Court Chester Cathedral


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