r. Charles Buck, the Chief Constable of Margate, secured the more lucrative and important appointment as Chief Constable of Rochdale in 1893. He was born at Stalybridge in 1857, and

was, therefore, in his 36th year.


His father was the Inspector of Police at Stalybridge until 1871, when he received a similar appointment at Stockport. Three years later the subject of our notice joined the Stockport Borough Fire Brigade as an ordinary Fireman, and in June, 1877, became a member of the Stockport Police Force, still, however, retaining his connection with the Fire Brigade. In February, 1878, Mr. Buck was made a Detective Officer, and in 1882 he received the "merit badge."

In February, 1884, he was raised to the rank of Detective-Sergeant, and in 1887 he was further promoted to the rank of Detective-Inspector. On reaching this grade he was compelled to sever his connection with the Brigade, having in the 14 years worked through all the grades up to Engineer.


During the time Mr. Buck served in the Stockport Police he had an extensive and varied experience, and up to the time he left, in 1889, to become Chief Constable of Margate, he made over 1,000 arrests for indictable offences of all classes, ranging from murder to simple larceny.


Charles Buck was the Chief Constable of Margate Borough Police 1889 to 1893 and Chief Constable of Rochdale Borough 1893 to 1898 (died in office)


Margate Borough Police (Submitted by John Endicott)


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