ewport Borough Police were established on 1 February 1836 and, along with Monmouthshire Constabulary, the 130 year-old Borough Force became part of Gwent Constabulary on 1 April 1967.


The Newport officers below are on a Newport Corporation Tramways overhead line repair vehicle on Shaftesbury Street. 'NCT' can be seen to the rear of the Newport coat of arms on the cab side. These vehicles were used

by most boroughs with trams or trolley bus systems, so men could repair the overhead lines. Newport had an extensive tramway system.


Newport Borough officers (Submitted by Ray Ricketts)


Chief Constables




John Redman, 1834 - ?



John Gristock Huxtable, 1852 - 1875



Captain Charles Edmund Gower, 1912 - 1928



Alan Inderwick Sinclair, 1875 - 1912



William Henry Robinson, 1929 - 1940



Clifford Montague Harris, 1940 - 1952
  1. Noteworthy Events
  2. 1905 - Harry Houdini, the great magician and escapologist, makes a spectacular escape from a locked police cell in the Town Hall
  3. 1914 3rd August - Newport Police capture the German freighter 'Belgia' taking prisoner 20 crew and 75 naval reservists
  4. 1931 - the first two police cars are put into service
  5. 1941 - Newport Borough Police Force took on its first three women police constables


Members of the Newport Borough Police Force in 1868




Above: The Old Town Hall Police Station was completed in 1842 and enlarged in 1885. The 'X' indicates the entrance to the Fire Station.


The Lock-up In Carpenter's Arms Lane which was closed in 1840




Above: PS Bevis, PS Davies, PC Miller and PC Palmer of the Newport Borough Mounted Police, 1937

Below: Constables Cook and Wetter were awarded for gallantry for their efforts to rescue people trapped in the Alexandra Dock Hotel after it received a direct hit from a high explosive bomb on October 9th 1940




Police Box at the junction of Allt-yr-yn Road and Allt-yr-yn Avenue


Below: IN THE SWIM - Mr Harry Packer, handing a prize to the winner of the policeman-in-uniform race in the gala at Allt-yr-yn Lido in aid of Newport YMCA funds.




Lliswerry Police Station which was demolished in 1935



Arrival of troops at Maindee Junction August 19th 1911 for the Railway Strike



County Police Station NCC Offices Pentonville, pre-1906



Fairoak Terrace




Above: Two months after the Coronation (12 May 1937), on 14 July, King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth visited Newport. They proceeded from the Railway Station to the garden of St Mary's Lodge, Fields Road, where the King cut the first sod for the building of the Civic Centre.

Below: The Westgate, Newport Mon, Excel Series postcard 10A (From the private collection of Anthony Halse)





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