William F Pryke, Chief Constable of the UKAEA Constabulary


he United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary was established on 1 April 1955 and became the Civil Nuclear Constabulary on 1 April 2005.


Bill Pryke served over 30 years in policing. He was with Wiltshire Constabulary for 24 years, rising to the rank of Chief Superintendent, worked for Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and was appointed Assistant Chief Officer for the States of Jersey Police.


Mr Pryke joined the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary (UKAEAC) in 1996 as Assistant Chief Constable and was promoted to Chief Constable two years later.


He led the organisation through legislative reviews and, in accordance with the Energy Act 2004, to standalone status in April 2005, when the service was renamed the Civil Nuclear Constabulary. He retired on 30 September 2006 as Chief Constable of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary. (UKAEA Today, November 2006)


UKAEA Constabulary firearms practice (@nuclearpolice - twitter)



UKAEA Constabulary dog handlers (@nuclearpolice - twitter)



UKAEA Police dogs at Dounreay, Caithness, 1958



Dounreay revolver competition of 1961 (@nuclearpolice - twitter)




Above: UKAEA Constabulary, c1978. Second from right, front, Sergeant Fred Grieves later Chief Inspector Firearms Training (Submitted by Stuart Montgomery)



Above: Sellafield public relations photograph, c1986. Constable Bob (Chippy) Wood, ex-RMP motorcycle officer and Inspector (later Chief Inspector) Fred Spence, with the fully armoured Range Rovers used for nation wide escort duties. The bike is a Suzuki 250, later replaced by Dounreay's BMW R80RT. (Submitted by Stuart Montgomery)


Land Rover pictured at Winfrith



Land Rover pictured at Winfrith



Ford Fiesta patrol vehicle



Ford Granada


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